Russell Shorto - Revolution Song

Julie Dunlap - Mother Freaking Hood

Jake Bernstein - Secrecy World

Lea Berman/ Jeremy Bernard - Civility 

Nick Wing - Huff Post Marijuana 

Caroline Fraser - Laura Engels Wilder 

Mary Ziegler - Roe Vs. Wade 

Marion Ross - "Happy Days" Actress 

Tom Keegan - LJW

Kevin Toolis - My Fathers Wake

Peter Marchall - Hollywood Squares

Joel Joseph - US Supreme Court

Joyce Bulifant - Actress

Leslie Cavendish - Beatles Hairdresser 

Judy Norton - Actress/ producer

Leslie Cavendish- Beatles Hairdresser

Hallie Baseman and Suzy Hopkins

Casper Cravens - Where the Magic Happens 

Steve Physioc - Royals announcer

Kelley Hunt - Beautiful Bones Music 

Phil Proctor - Actor and Voice Actor

Seth Hettena - Trump/ Russia

Jack Davis - The Gulf 

John Ferlling - Apostles of Revolution

Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg - Infidelity 

Eddie Trunk - Trunk Fest

Mary Pilon - Kevin Show 

Dr. Daniel Baxter - HIV/ Botswana 

Dr. Randi Epstein - "Aroused"

Maggie West - Thyroid Disease

Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick - Multicultural Community Center

Edward Lengel - WWI's "Lost Battalion"

Claire Bidwell Smith - Anxiety and Grief

Michael Hebb - Talking about Death

Jesse Jarnow - Post WWII Folk-Pop Band

Tom Bierdz - Daytime TV Actor

Eileen Rivers - Woman Fighting in Afghanistan 

Ken Krimstein - 20th Century life in Berlin

Eric Mittenthal - Sausage and Hot Dogs

Justin Martin - Turning point Battle of Civil War

Harlow Giles Unger - Civilian Medic of Revolutionary War

Brian Murphy - Icy Tragedy on the Atlantic

Peter Ward - Epigenetics and Evolution

William Eggington - Inequality in College

Bonnie Rough - Sex, Love and Equality

Colby Wilson - Boys and Girls Club

Ted Owens - KU Basketball Coach

Dan Pfeiffer - Obama Adviser 

Brian Keating - Nobel Peace Prize

Barbara Van Orden - LA Stage Star

Robert Gordan - Blues, Rock and Soul in Memphis


Rich Little - Comedian

Michael Austin - Asian Century 

Megan Poindexter - Trinity Respite Care 

Glenn Frankel - High Noon

Florence Williams - Nature Fix 

Danielle Booth - "Fed Up"

Bill Shutt - Cannibalism

Holy Tucker - City of Light 

George Yin - Presidential Races 

Robert English - Russia 

John Wokous - WWII Destroyers

Janine Shephard - Defiant

Tracey Mitchell - The Big Fix

James Morris - The Taxi Drivers

Richard Rothstein - Segregation 

Dr. William Davis

Bryce Hoffman - Red Teaming 

Dan Blatt - Understanding Great Depression 

Doug Renbarger- Topeka Blues Festival

Eric Mitternthal - National Hotdog Council

Mary Roach - Grunt 

Adrian Owen - Brain Research 

Dr. John Day - Longevity 

Floyd Abrams - 1st Amendment

Lana Schwartz - Law Profession/ Civil Rights

Robin Bunk - Defense Threats/ Cyber Security

Joseph Whelan - Guadalcanal 

Kelly Beatty - Solar Eclipse 

Melvin Goodman - CIA Analyst

Dr. Randi Epstein - Childbirth 

William Fowler - Steam Titans 

Anne Trubek - History of Handwriting 

James Suzman - Bushmen 

Cindy Maude - Lawrence Arts Center 

Denise Winston - Financial Expert

Torre Deroche - Worriers guide to the World 

Geoff Dembicki - Climate Change

David Osbourne - Reinventing Schools 

Jessica Bruder - Nomad land

Anson Williams - Action/ Sleep Week 

Loretta Switt - Actress of "Swittheart"

Robert Fowler - USS Duncan Anniversary 

Caitlin Doughty - Funeral Customs

Beverly Gray

Steve Bowen - Island of Blue Foxes

Dan Bolger - Our Year of War

Dr. Pryzbo - Coming Backwards 


Pete Trabucco - America's Roller Coasters

Jack Duffy - JFK Assassination

Lee Woodruff - Wounded Vets

Zane Buzby - Holocaust

Charlotte Stewart - Little House

Larry Powalisz - National Parks

James Stone - Five Easy Theses

Kute Jackson - Self Actualization

Cathy Alters - Crush

Larry Nelson - Co. Agent Guy

Lt. Col. Tony Deana - Middle East

Toni Tennille

Christie Dobson - Ballard Service

Tom Griffiths - Algorithms

Ellen Moyens - Envirnmental Engineer

James Early - Cuba Relations

Susan Spalding - Recalibrate for Life

L. E. Kalikow - Rock Music Industry

Jesse Jarnow - Psychedelic America

Rabbi Susan Silverman - Adoption

Owen Gleiberman - Movie Critic

Dr. Judy Morgan - Holistic Veterinarian

Rod Pyle - Space

Colleen Rowley - FBI-National Security

Dr. Jerry Punch

Dixie Stampede

David Reynolds - Elections

Eliott Eisenberg - Economist

Tim English - Rock Music Plagiarism

Randy Haveson - College Drinking

Steve Phillips - Brown is the New White

Ellen Brown - Banking Solutions

Jonathan Frankin - 438 Days at Sea

Chris Kelly - Military USA

Edward Lengel - G. Washington Historian

Stephen Hnilica - World Traveler

Russel Hannon

Howard Schatzberg - Football Couch

Bryan Bailey - Train Your Dog

Scott Irwin - Sporting Life


Pat DeCaesar- Rock and Roll

Larry McElwain- Lawrence Chamber

Peter Cohan- Venture Capitalist

Stephen Bown- "White Eskimo"

Gerald Koepple- "City on a Grid"

Dawn Lerman- "My Fat Dad"

John Garofolo- Iraq War Veteran, former professor at U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Nicola Mar- "Santa"

Simon Read- Young Churchill

Amelia Saltsman- Jewish Cookbook

Aspen Matis- Girl in the Woods

Harlow Unger- Henry Clay

Eric Mittenthal- Sausage Month

Laura Pursell- Country Singer

Carol Gunn- Medical Errors

Tamara O'Neal- Domestic Violence

Cristin O'Keefe- Dr. Mutter's Marvels

Katie Workman- America Cooks

Ron Felber- Aliens

Steve Boggan- Gold Fever

Dr. Peter Ward- Earthquakes

Tom Keegan- Lawrence Journal World

Barbara Selwig- Healthy Cooking

Barry Yourgrau-"Mess"

Irwin Gellman- Eisenhower/ Nixon

Dani Felt- D.I.Y Artists

Dr. Anne Speckhard- Terrorism

Dr. Pol- Incredible Dr. Pol

Sylvia Resnick- Hollywood Heartthrobs

Celia Theyes- Talent for Humanity

Eric Mittenthal- National Hot Dog Month

Bob Hurst- "The Listeners"

Matthew Drayton- Succeeding While Black

Karin Lazarus- "Sweet Mary Jane"

Chris Kelly- U.S. Military History

Glenn Carle- CIA

General Ann Dunwoody-Author "A Higher Standard"

Abdool Laltraprasad- Sprout Film Festival

Sally Kelsey- Workman's Comp.

Dr. Peter Ward- Earthquakes

Jennifer Hammond-National Real Estate

Denise Winston- Financial Advisor "It's Your Money"

Julian Zelizer-The Great Society

John Wukovits-USS Laffey

Lissa Poirot-Vacation Guide

Lissa Warren-Cat Poetry Book

Peg Steep-Quitting

Mary Norris-New Yorker Editor

Jeanne Beard-Autism

Harriet Brown-Body Of Truth

Thomas Flemins-Washington/Jefferson The Great Divide

Albert Podell-Around the World in 50 years

Spencer Overton-Race Relations

JoAnne Renfro-Appalacian Trail

Jamie Joyce-Moonshine

Joel Peterson-Dreaming of May Mothers

Susan Elliot-Dating Post Break-up

Beth Pine-Fedx

Amy Newmark-Chicken Soup for the Soul

Stephanie Erickson-Alzheimers

Dane Clark-Mellencamp Drummer

Glenn Carle-CIA Intelligence/Terrorism

Shine Adams-Sun Cedar

Mary Pittman-Missing Money Lady

Brandy Barnes-Diabetes/Woman

WM. C. Davis-Lee and Grant

Dr. Rani Whitfield-Hip Hop Doc

David Strange-Immigration

Dr. Robert Coats-Climate Change

Rod Pyle-NASA



Dawn Wells-What Would Mary-Ann Do?

JoAnn Martens-Prison Career

Nick Yarris-FBI's Most Wanted

Tom Keegan-Lawrence Journal World Sports Writer

Michele Payn-Knoper-No More Food Fights

Theo Bikel-In The Shoes of Sholom Aleichem

Michele Herling-Compassionate Touch Network/Minds Interrupted

Sylvia Peterson-Domestic Violence

Stephanie Shannon-U.S. Army Reserves and Battling the Storm Within

Paul Cardall-Congenital Heart Disease

Dr. Villegas and Mary Todd-Hard Drive

Harlow Giles Unger-Author

Monique Demery-Finding the Dragon Lady

Sheri Sobrato Brisson-Digging Deep, Childhood Illnesses

Dr. Mardia Stone--Ebola Virus

Justin Martin-Author

Guy Gilchrist-Cartoonist

Felix Mercado-Fashion

Andrea Hudy-KU Strength Coach

Greg James-Marijuana Ventures Magazine

Deborah Halber-Skeleton Crew

Mel Goodman-National Security

Kate Morrand-Naval History

Natasha Devine-The Industry

Elliott Tiber-Taking Woodstock

Beverly Delich-Michael Buble's Manager

Susan Mizruchi-Marlon Brando Biography

Brian Bruns-Rumble Yell: Discovering America's Biggest Bike Ride

Lindsay Clendaniel-Scoop Adventures

Barbara Harris-UFO Conference in the Desert

Jamie Joyce-Moonshine

Dr. William Miller-The Human Genome


Joel Joseph-Supreme Court

Terri Bennett-Green Living

Marlo Angell and Ben Ahlvers-Lawrence Arts Center and Free State Festival

Gretchen Marthens-Veterans

Bill Denehey-Baseball

Tyler Wood-Cyber Security

Andy Brown-Headquarters

Diane Carey-Star-Spangled Banner

Carolyn Scherer-State and Union

Alfie Kohn-Parenting

Stephanie Henry-Abusive Relationships

Dr. Luiz-Mental Health Month

Gregg Jones-Khe Sanh Vietnam

Dr. Thalma Lobel-Physical Intelligence

Bill Medley-Righteous Brothers
Martin Goldsmith-Alex's Wake
Wes Mass-Retirement
Mary Pittman-Missing Money Lady
JD Power-Repeat 
Robert Rangel-Repeat
Eric Mittenthal-Hot Dog Council

Doug Whynott-Maple Syrup

Tony Cointreau-Mother Teresa & Me

Mike Manger-Military Pollution

Prof. John Quigley-Ukraine expert

Molly Chester-Back at Bolton

Dr. Gary Epler-Level of energy

Eddie Shapiro-Broadway

Brian Tuohy-Larceny games

Terri Fedonczak-Parenting

Kevin Wilmott "Jayhawkers"

Kelly Hunt Biography

Brian Tuohy Larceny Games

Joeph Wheelan Terrible Swift Sword

Denise Winston Take Control of Financial Life

Hillary White Coat and Sneakers

Dee Wallace Debute on NBC's GRIMM

Chef Luigi The Al Tiramisu Restuarant Cookbook

Matthew Hart Gold

Dr. Susan Jones

Nina Blackwood Career

Harlow Unger "Mr. President"

Erin Murphy Career

Winthrop Smith Catching Lightning in a Bottle

Dawn Wells Gilligans Island

Robert Rangel World's Wealthiest Families

JD Power Power and Associates

Bobbie Brown Rock World


Bruce Wagman Hose Issues

Timothy English Popology: Music in the lives of four icons

Carol Margolis Smart travel guide

Tim Brady Death in San Pietro WWII

Maria Brinson-Sampson Marriage Counselor

Patrick Robinson Honor & Betrayal Navy SEALS

Evan Katz Therapist Holiday Stress

Mark Spivak Iconic Spirits

Tom North "Yours, Mine & Ours" truth behind the movie

Paul Nourigat Wealth Strategist

Ann Dowsett Johnston Women/Alcohol

Peter S. Cohan Venture Capitalist

Babette Hagerty Dog Trainer

JT Lundy Political author/satirist

Willie Wilson Former KC Royals baseball player

Jesse Walker Paranoia!

Stanley Weintraub Young FDR

Marilee Roach Witches of Salem

Molly Raskin-Knight No Better Time 9/11

Stephen Pimpare Poverty in America

Darlene Arden- Pet Expert

Denise Winston Communicate with Your Pet

David Wolman Author "The End of Money"

Don Hussey Author "Ticket to Ride"

Chris Simmons Threat of Terrorist Attacks Overseas

Dara Feldman

Sally Zorgy Downtown Lawrence

Clay Biles Author "The United States Federal Air Marshal Service"

Claire Connor John Birch Society

Mary Lamontagne Organic Leftovers

Brooke Alpert Sugar Detox

Brenda Dickson Actress

Travis Perry Kansas

Len Lamensdorf George Washington

Steve Miller Detroit Rock City

Heather Schuck Working Moms

Patty Marks Ellora's Cave

Yelena Popovic LA Superheroes

Oksana Flanagan Irish Castle Weddings

Steve Boggan - "Follow the Money"

Steven Harding - "The Last Battle"

John Blumenthal - Writer and Author

Thomas Fleming - Historian of Civil War

J. Walker Smith - Boomer Retirement Cities

Dara Feldman - Virtues Project

Jason Vanclef - Wealth Code

Grace Drake - Film critic

Karen Simpson-Hankins - Surviving Credit Crisis

James Cusamano - Business - Life Connection

Dave Thompson - Author, "Over Coffee"

Ejaz Naqvi - "The Quran: With or Against the Bible"

Alexis Madrigal - Senior Editor at The Atlantic

Brookes Firestone - "Evensong," Retirement: The Golden Years

Denise Winston - Personal Finances

Deb Bisel - Kansas Hall of Fame

Dr. Cletus R Bulach - High Performing Schools

Michelle Dudash - "Clean Eating for Busy Families"

Kevin Murphy - "Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer"

Nasir Shansab - Afghanistan novel

Jayne Jones - Insider View of Capitol Hill

James Cunningham - Street Eats

Geri Jewell - The Facts of Life

Eric Mittenthal - National Hot Dog Council

Martha Zoller - National Political Expert and Author

Jayne Jones - Insider View of Capitol Hill

Christina Phelps - Executive Director of Lawrence Convention&Visitor Bureau

Diane Keefe - Caring for Parents Together

Bruce Feiler - "The Secret of Happy Families"

Kim Shannon - "Good Girls Anonymous"

Winonah Hauter - Foodopoly

Professor William Beeman - Iran vs. USA

Felix Mercado - Fashion Designer, Lifestyle Expert

Raymond J. Barry - "Justified" series on FX

Dr. Johnny Bowden - Cholesterol Myth

Carl Reiner - Actor/Comedian

Dr. Vik - Empowering Companies

Milt Larsen - The Magic Castle

Dr. Deb - "The Healing Is Mutual"

Father Emmet Coyne - Genesis of The Theology of Fear

Cathy Lewis - Downtown Lawrence

Judita Wignall - "Raw & Simple"

Andrew Campanella - National School Choice Week

Jennifer Bucko Lamplough - Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking

Michael Lohan - Actor, Father of Lindsay Lohan

Morgan Fox - Marijuana Policy Project

David Maislish - Royal Assasination

Gail McMeekin - The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Patricia Aburdene - Conscious Money Megatrends For 2013

Dr. Frank Farley - Guns and School Violence

Dr. Julie Wei - "Milk and Cookie Disease"

Peter Cohan - Peter S. Cohan + Associates

Dr. Dennis Tirch - American Institute for Cognitive Therapy


Robert Hamlett - Former FBI Agent on Fraud,Politics and More

Rod Pyle - Destination Mars

Dr. Carol M. Swain - Politics and Race

Christian Phelps - Law. Conv./Visitors Bureau

Ace Abbott - Pilot Safety

Stranley Weintraub - Pearl Harbor historian

Lowell Hawthorne - The Bakers Son

Bill rigler - Director of Climate Reality Project

Tanya McNab - Belizean Cookbook

Sy Paulson - Electronic gifts expert

Dan Stratford - Mens Code of Honor

Andy Rothman - College Admissions
Michael Oswald - National Parks

Barbara Magro - "Recipes to Remember"

Ted Hayes - Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

Dr. Diane Sheets - Political Commentator -

LaTim Kurek - "Cross in the Closet"

Cathy Hamilton - Downtown Lawrence Association

Larry Tagg - "The Battles that Made Abraham Lincoln"

David Quammen - Science Writer / "Spillover"

Anita Finlay - Actress and Politcal Writer

David Conn - Jim Jones Cult

Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Home Builders Association

Sonja Faulkner - Author - "The Best Friend's Guide to Breast Cancer"

David Nadelberg - Host/Creator "The Mortified Sessions"

Niels Nielsen - Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought

Stephen Mateo - Author - "Journey"Callom B. Jones, V - Trend Capital ManagementSteven Stingley - "Under the Night Sky: A Father's Story of Love & Loss"Vickie Bogner & Raphael Sbarge - Green Wish LawrenceLeslie Odom, Jr. - Actor - "Smash" and "Broadway or Bust"Julie Shiftman - Re-Invention Expert / "Act Three"Dr. Frederick James - "$pend, Don't Save"Kristina Wandzilak - Author/TV Host/Addiction ExpertRev. Cheryl Kincaid - "Hearing the Gospel through Charles Dickens"Tom Keegan - LJWorld Sports EditorGrae Drake - Fall Movie Report CardFrank Wuco - Intelligence ExpertDeb Bowen - Life of a NudistCurt Smith - "Mercy! A Celebration of Fenway Park's Centennial"Buck Adams - Veterans to FarmersChristy Obie Barrett - Adoption Myth-Buster - "A Family for Every Child"

Sarah Carey - Editor-in-Chief of Everyday Food Magazine

Tom Mach - Women’s Suffrage in Kansas

David Misch - The History of Comedy

David LaMotte - KKK Issues

Melissa Rodriquez - Living with Hearing Loss

Steve Kemble - Outdoor Barbques & Summer Entertaining

Dr. Stephen Apaliski - Asthma Issues

Greg Williams - Lawrence Chamber of Commerce

Winfield Keller - Flying Cars Association

William McGee - Airline industry Issues

Colleen Rowley - Obama's Secret "Kill List"

Pete Trabucco - Travel Expert

Linda Bauer - “Capitol Hill Cooks”

Justin Kelly - Professional Actor and Model - "Magic City"

Thyler Newcome - JFK Assasination

Frank Cipolla - Radio/TV Personality

Art Keller - CIA - War with Iran

Sara Erhlich -

Alison Arngrim - Little House on the Prairie

Arthur Hayhoe - Florida Gun Laws

Robert Mazur - "The Infiltrator"

Patty Farmer - “The Persian Room”

Matt Frank - Pot Farm

Scott Raab - "The Whore of Akron"

Stanley Livingston - My Three Sons

Percy Smith - LAX Celebrities

Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse - Eco-Living

Linda Henderson - American Heart Association

Steven Apflebaum - “Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land”

Nancy Shenker - "Don't Hook Up"

Homer Hickam - “October Sky”

Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Home Builders Association

Catherine Cassidy - Editor-in-chief of Taste of Home

Benjamin Busch - US Marine Corps Infantry Officer - “Dust to Dust”

Louise Krug - Stroke Victim - "Louise: Amended"

Mary Pittman - "The Little Book of Missing Money"

Will Tucker - Musician/Guitarist - "Stealin' the Soul"

Erin Botsford - "The Big Retirement Rick"

Michael Rejebian - “We're With Nobody: Two Insiders Reveal the Dark Side of American Politics”

Craig T. Williams - “The Olympian: An American Triumph”

M. William Phelps - Crime Author and TV Host - "Dark Minds"

Paul Noto - “At the Crossroads of Justice: My Lai and Son Thang”

Kim Ima - “The Treats Truck Baking Book”

Dr. Jeff Schweitzer - “Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction"

Irene McDermott - "The Internet Book of Life"

Mary Gage - Columnist - "Lawrence Magazine"

Laura Schroff - “An Invisible Thread”
Steve Repak - “Dollars and Uncommon Sense”
Jon Yates - Chicago Tribune “Problem Solver” Consumer Advocate
Dr. Christopher Calapai - Healthy Living and New TV Show on CBS
Randy Towner - Golf Pro/GM Firekeeper Golf Course
John Feffer - US-Korean Foreign Relations 
Jackson Galaxy - “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet 
Mary Corbett - National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses
LinDee Rochelle - Blast from your Past: Rock and Roll DJ’s 1954-1979
Helen Wang - Emerging Chinese Middle Class Expert
Dori Villalon - Lawrence Humane Society Executive Director
Shaid Buttar - Executive Director Bill of Right Defense Committee
Ernest Cobb - Hitting More Jackpots - The Slot Guru
Michael Learned - Actress: “Olivia Walton”, “Nurse” and Others
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld - Terrorism and Its Funding
Peter Cohan - American Economic Outlook
Kathryn Raaker - National TV Host and Wellness Expert
Jake Ray - Producer NYC Morning Radio Show: “Living w/ Cystic Fibrosis”
Lori Ames - President, The PR Freelancer, Inc
Pat Huddleston - Author: THE VIGILANT INVESTOR 
Tippi Hedren - Actress/Activist
Heather Cabot - Yahoo 
Barry Livingston - “My Three Sons” 
Wil Willis - Former Special Ops Operative/Military Channel Star
Lauren Book - “It’s OK To Tell”
Kevin Baker - Historian - America: The Story of Us 
George Chakiris - Actor/Performer - “West Side Story” 
Candice DeLong - FBI Profiler/Author/TV Host
Grae Drake - Holiday Movie Report Card
Laurie Scott - Blue Santa & Cathy Brushler - Big Bros. Big Sis 
Steve Zaleznick - Former AARP Services CEO and Medicare Expert 
Dr. Jeff Herten - Teen Alcoholism
Tim O’Brien - Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 
Jane McCormick - Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl
Adam Silva - Wounded Warrior Project 
Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne - “DC Cupcakes” 
Domenic Sgambellone - The American People’s Party 
Marjory Wildcraft - Expert in Organic Backyard Food Production
Dennis Marcellino - Musician/Author - Drugs, Rock’n Roll & Recovery
John M. Phillips - Attorney/Media Consultant - Sports Injuries
Matt Bruce - Iran’s Act of War
Dr. Janet Taylor - Discovery TV's "Facing Trauma”
Dianne Dorman - Former Playboy Model/Author
Jesse Cohen - Best American Science Writing Series Editor
Harvey Araton - "Old Knicks”
Megan McKinney - Author: “The Magnificent Medills“
Doris Gallan - The Boomer Travel Coach

Matthew Dunn - SPYCATCHER 
Dale Peterson - PSA Screening
Tom Ryan - Author/Newspaper Editor & Founder
Christopher Phillips - Author - Constitution Café 
Lisa Matassa - Country Music Star
Brian Clegg - Airline Industry Expert
Jean Ross - Co-President of National Nurses United
Pamela Oakes - Car Care for the Clueless
Cathy Hamilton - Downtown Lawrence
John M. Phillips - Attorney/Media Consultant - Amanda Knox Trial, Etc.
Felix Mercado - International Fashion Consultant for TV, Movies, Etc
Tom Keegan - LJWorld Sports Editor
Curt Smith - Nine Decades of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth
Ellen Fitzpatrick - Letters to Jackie
Prof. Lynn Randall - Harvard Physics Professor/Author
Chris Markowski - Nat’l Radio Host/Commentator
Fred Claridge - Social Security, Aging Issues & Economy
Melanie Cole - Exercise Physiologist; Childhood Obesity
Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Homebuilders Association
Carol Swain - Reclaiming America
John Greenburg - Sports Historian/Columnist - Pro Football
Lucette Lagnado - Wall St. Journal Reporter and Author
Kent Greenfield - The Myth of Choice
Ben "Flaps" Berry - “Tuskegee Airmen - To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.”
Deirdre Marie Capone - “Uncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside His Family”
Winston Bennett - "Fight for Your Life"
Ana Maria Allessi - RISE OF FREEDOM: The New World Trade Center 
Maureen Santora - 9/11 Advocate & Mother of Youngest Firefighter to Die that Day
Shannon Rose - Hollywood Reporter, Publicist, & Entertainment Host 
Dr. Glen House, MD Practicing Physician & C7 Quadriplegic
Stuart Vener - National Real Estate and Mortgage Expert 
Dr. Laurie Hess - Exotic Pet Veterinarian 
Malcolm Out Loud - Social Unrest, Social Injustice and Social Media
Jenny Ross - "Raw Basics"
Dr. Allen W. Smith - Looting of Social Security
Baron Wolman—Rolling Stone’s First Chief Photographer
Paul Antinori - Constitutional Amendment Proposal
Jason Dowd - School Arts Budget Cuts
Allison Fisher - Climate Change Debate & Public Citizen 
Tom Ferguson - “National Debt Crisis”
Pete Trabucco - “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks”
Stephanie Abrams - Nationally syndicated travel consultant
Robert Mazur - Undercover Agent: Pablo Escobar Drug Cartel 
Shawn Edgington - The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook & Social Media 
Hon. Nancy Harvey Steorts - Product Safety
Scott Klinger - FACT Coalition
Susan Newman, Ph.D - The Case for the Only Child
Dr. Claudia Miller - Chemical/Environmental Hazards 
Dr. Luke Curtis - Elder Nutrition
“Dr. Pete” Anderson - Swim Coach
Tom DeWeese - American Policy Center
Lisa Horn - DoCo Health Dept 
Kevin Zeese - Voters for Peace 
Veronica Grey - Swim Without Sharks 
Timothy Carroll - Don’t Ever Give Up On Love 
Mark Lee Gardner - Billy the Kid 
Beth Johnson - Economic Development Law. Chamber of Commerce
Michael Belfiore - "Rocketeers" - Last Space Shuttle Mission 
Dr. Tim Harlan - “Tell Me What To Eat”
Cathy Hamilton - Boomer Girl/Downtown Lawrence, Inc
Grae Drake - Summer Movie Report Card
Sharon Spratt - Cottonwood 
Sondra Wright - 40+ and Fabulous
Janet Campbell - Audio-Reader
Lynne Green - VanGo Mobile Arts
Aaron LaPedis - The Garage Sale Millionaire
Paul Lockhart - The Whites of Their Eyes: Bunker Hill
Diane Pomerance - Summer Safety for Pets
Chris Dubbs - Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight
Dr. Thomas Marcellino & Ted Haggart - LMH Endowment Association
Ginny Clarke - Career Mapping
Harold J. Krent - Pardon Me, Mr. President 
Kelly Hayes-Raitt - Low and No Cost Vacation Ideas
Dr. Cynthia Haines - Money Saving Health Tips 
Dale Peterson, M.D. - Cell Phones & Cancer 
Ivan Eland - Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace and Liberty 
Anne D. - Drug-Addicted Pharmacist
Toby Nunn - Take a Moment to Remember
Edward Humes - Forces of Nature
John DePasquale - Special Agent 
David George Surdam - Baseball & The Great Depression
T.L. Keller - Aerospace Engineer 
Drs. Charles & Eilzabeth Schmitz - Celebrity Infidelity
Randy Rudder - Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music
Max Richtman - The Truth About Social Security
Dr. Daniel Hardt - Numerologist
Doris Gallan - Travel Coach
Jeff Benedict - “Poisoned, E Coli”
Tom Lewis - “Brace for Impact”
Geradine Simkins - Midwives Alliance 
Julia Espey - "If I were your daddy"
Bob Gibbs - Miles for Hope 
Sally Kellerman - Actress
Zachary Jack - Pebble Beach Author
Nicole Simpson - 9/11 Suvivor
Dr. Veronica Anderson - "Dr. Veronica" Health and Lifestyle
Show #164 - Matthew Cossolotto - “Make A Promise Day” 
Claude Vargo - Veterans Issues and Advocacy
Tom Keegan - Sports Editor Lawrence Journal World
Tom Kern - Ex. Director Lawrence Chamber of Commerce
Sherrie Daly - Former wife of PGA Tour Pro John Daly
Gaelyn Whitley Keith - The Father of Hollywood
Leslie Carroll - Royal Weddings
Shirley Martin-Smith - Adecco - Employment issues
Tyler Bryant - Rock Guitarist - Tyler Bryant Band
Bobbie Flory/Neal Ezell - Lawrence Parade of Homes
Christine Eisner - Comfort Living
Steve Doocey - Fox & Friends Host
Joe Balzer - "Flying Drunk"
James Fitzgerald - The Joys of Smoking
Ed Jaffee - Former Washington Lobbyist
Phillip Connor - Forest Fire Lookout - New Mexico
Chuck Leavall - Keyboardist - Rolling Stones, Allman Bros.
Lee Majors - Actor
Mary Gage - Kansas Magazine
Dr. Michael Applebaum - The Fitness Doc
Catherine Cassidy - Taste of Home - Comfort Foods
Peter Cohan - Economic and Financial 
Wayne Rogers - Actor & Financier
Gene Meyer - CEO, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Mary Pittman - Unclaimed Property
Christy Jenkins - Sign Language
Lisa Reinhardt - The "Wei" of Chocolate
Helen Wang - China & Current Issues
Gail Rubin - The Good Good Bye - Funeral Planning
Katie Lee - Celebrity Chef - Food/Cooking
Steve Bates - Seeds of Spring - Gardening 
Brad Barnes - College First Aid
Mark Winne - Food/Industrial Agriculture
Mary Gage - Writing/Kansas Magazine
Jessie Price - Food
Frank Kneeland/Bob Dancer - Video Poker
Michael Colavito - Photography
Diane Werner - Taste of Home
Roni Deutch - Taxes
Ann Gittleman - Zapped Electronic Pollution
Gail Rubin - Good Good Bye Funerals
Steve Hendricks - Counterterrorism
Thomas Allen - American Civil War
John Horne - Real Estate Investing
Tracy Dismukes - Consignment / Consignment Shops
Rick Nahmias - Diversity
Drew Maras - UFOs
David Renza - Military Educational Benefits
Tom Blake - Syndicated Columnist: Travel Ideas
Carl Wiser -
Barbara Miller - Quitting Smoking
Kelli of Red Door Design - Wedding Planning
Wendy Lipton-Dibner - Professional Impact, Inc
Richard Miller - "Fighting Words"
Amelie Hurst -
Justin Halpern - Sh*t My Dad Says
Megan Anderson - Coaching Your Destiny
Jim Houtz - Saving America
Bill Madden - Steinbrenner, Last Lion of Baseball
Matt Pellegrini - Cowboy: The Ultimate Guide
Debbie Lilliard - Eco-Organizing for Life
Steve Shaw - Automotive Industry Consultant "Cheating the Dealer"
Tom Super - National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
Sarah Buxton - Country Singer / Songwriter
Roberta Matuson - Human Resouses / Corporate Advisor
Edward Achorn - "59 In '84" the Story of Hoss Radbourn

Holly Rowe - ESPN Basketball & Football Reporter
Sharon Sakson - Paws & Effects
Gary Moore - WWII, Baseball, & Journey Home
Nicka Papaditch - Cigar Marine
Mary Jo Buttafuoco - "Through My Thick Skull"
Chris O'Dell - Life with The Beatles, Stones and more
Thomas Fleming - Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
Linda Ferrari - Consumer Financial Issues
Mollie Gross - Confessions of a Military Wife

Denise Winston - Finance/Credit Expert
Joe Balzer - Northwest Airlines Pilot "Flying Drunk"
Clay Travis - Sportscaster/Columnist "Clay Nation"
Cindy Scott - Zen Chien Dog Training
Brian Boeheim - The Franklin Party
Lydia Reich - Holocast Survivor
Dr. Elizabeth Lomardo - Battling Depression and Stress
Kathy Balland - Life Coach & Weight Loss
Harry Katz - Baseball Americana
Jane Miller Chair - The Tiger and the Hare
Dr. Barbara Perry - The Ted Kennedy Legacy
Marie Dubuque - "How To Get Free Things!"
Robert Piccioni PhD. - Physicist/ Speaker
Clarissa Wills PhD. - Autism Specialist
Thom Bierdz - Actor - "Young & Restless" - Author
Peter Lance - Investigative Journalist
Sister Pat Phillips 
Debbie Friday - Friday Motors; General Motors local dealership view
Stacy Perman - Inn N' Out Burger
Richard Tyson - Actor
Dr. Sharon Moalem - Research Scientist
David Fralick - Actor - Young & Restless, Miami Vice, ect.
Rick Sells - Fitness Guru
Lee Majors - Actor
Peter S. Cohan - Venture Capitalist/Consultant
Tonya S. Holly - Producer/Director/Writer - "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde"
DC Fuller - "Meth Monster"
Suzie Gilber - Bird Rehabilitation 
Sheryl Kayne - "Immersion Travel"
Barbara Dana - Actress/Author/Playwrite
Sally Kellerman - Actress/Singer
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky - "Trauma Stewardship"
Rib Hills - Host: Extreme Makeover & Star of new movie "Taos"
Catherine Clinton - "Mary Lincoln: A Life"
Annette Martin - Psychic/Detective
Staff Sgt. Eric Maddox - "Mission: Blacklist #1"
Thomas Dyja - "Walter White"
Steve Doocy - Host; "Fox & Friends" - Fox News Network
Phillip Norman - Author, "John Lennon; The Life"
Linda Ferrari - Consumer Credit Expert "The Big Score"
Felix Mercado - Fashion Stylist
Rob Frankel - Politics and Branding
Aurea McGarry - "I Won't Survive, I'll Thrive" - Domestic Violence/etc.
Lisa Wysocky - Horse Country; Country Music Stars and Their Horses
Peggy Sholly - Down Home Delicious Cooking
Randy Poe - Record Producer/Journalist - The Duane Allman Story
Peter S. Cohan - Venture Capitalist - Columnist/Commentator
James K. Galbraith - American Economist
Nicole Witt - The Adoption Consultancy
Bill Cloyd - Your Credit Standing and How to Improve It
Tom Benjey - Carlisle Indian School
Bruce Fleet - "Demystifying Wall Street" 
T.J. English - Author, Columnist and Historian - "Havana Nocturne" The Mob and Cuba
Kelley Hunt - Singer, Songwriter, Musican and Kansan
Deb McVey - Olympic Weight Lifting Official and Referee
Joe Gannascoli - Actor, Author & Chef - "Vito" on Sopranos
Janet Riley - President of National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
Chris Lemmon - "A Twist of Lemmon"
Eric Stromer - HGTV Host of "Over Your Head"
Susan Overfield - Nationally Recognized Dog Trainer/Adocate
Jon Provost - Child Actor - Timmy/Lassie
Dr. Susan Kuczmarski - Psychologist and Educator - "When Kids Come Home From College"
Aaron Cohen - Brotherhood of Warriors - Beverly Hills Kid Trains & Serves in Israeli Defense Force
Yolanda Levy - Childhood Obesity in America
Joel Joseph - US Supreme Court Scholar and Author
Norman Macht - Baseball Historian Connie Mack The Early History of The Game
Isabelle Duguay - Gambling Addiction - Bensinger Dupont & Associates
Caryl Murphy - Hollywood Correspondent - Radio, TV, Print
Cathy Wilkerson - Former Weather Underground & Students for a Democratic Society
Kim Kavin - - Private Yacht Vacation Adventures
Richard M. Cohen - Emmy Award Winning Journalist
Robin Gerber - Political Commentator & Lobbyist - Elanor Vs. Ike
Bill Royce - Hollywood Writer "Cary Grant The Wizard of Beverly Grove"
Dr. Jo Anne White - Secrets To Lasting Relationships
Bob Goodrich - ABC Sports Producer; Monday Night Football, Super Bowl, Indy 500
Dr. Bob Arnot - CBS/NBC TV Health Advior-Reporter
Neville Martin - "Guitar Heaven" Famous Guitars to Electrify Our World
Mark Mathis - Producer "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."
Frances Moore Lappe - "Getting a Grip" Columnist/author/activist
James Fitzgerald - The Joys of Smoking Cigarettes
Lucette Lagnado - Wall Street Journal Reporter/Author
Liz Scott - "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation"
Chris Epting - Locations of American Pop Culture Artifacts
Lew Perkins - KU Athletic Director
Cathy Hamilton - Managing Editor
Stanley Livingston - Former child movie/tv actor and Hollywood producer