Sport2Sport - 2006

Guest title reflects the position they held at the time of the interview

Jeff Katz - Baseball Historican
Al “Hoagy” Carmichael – Record holding NFL kick/punt returner 1950’s & 60’s
Ed Bowen – Horse racing analyst
Cecil Kingsley – Professional Angler and Sportsman 
Jeff Idleson – National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Ritch Price – Head Baseball Coach Univ. of Kansas
Betsy Ross – Former ESPN anchor
Cait Murphy – “Crazy ‘08” The Greatest Year in Baseball
Lee Lowenfish – Journalist/Broadcaster
Joe Posnanski – KC Star & online sportswriter
Keith Glass – NBA sports agent, former UCLA ass’t b-ball coach
Bonnie Henrickson – Women’s basketball coach
Alan Byrd- The Ultimate Florida Spring Training Guide
Mark Kreidler – “Four Days To Glory”
Chris Piper – Radio color commentator of KU Jayhawk Basketball
George Castle – Chicago Cub/White Sox writer/talk show host
Kim Richey – Executive Director Kansas Golf Association
Ted Kluck – writer for ESPN Magazine
Gus Alfieri – Former St. Johns basketball player and record holding high school coach
Farhad Zarif – Olympic Track Coach
Doug Vance – Exec. Director Kansas Recreation and Parks Commision
Eldon Ham – Pro Sports attorney/agent
George Gmelch – Former minor leaguer
Adam Rubin – NY Daily News sportsbeat writer
Shannon O’Toole – “Wedded to the Game: Real Lives of NFL Women”
Joe Karnes – Producer/Host Chiefs Radio Network
Tom Bengey – Life of “Lone Star Dietz” famous college football coach
Burt Sugar – National boxing columnist/commentator
Glenn Feldman – Miracle Collapse: The 1969 Chicago Cubs
Brooke De Lench – The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports
Jonathan Rand – Sports Columnist “300 Pounds of Attitude”
Curt Smith – “Voices of Summer”
Dewey “The Missing Link” Robertson – Former professional wrestler
Steve Sullivan – “Talking Baseball With Friends”
Dave Shields – Pro Cycling columnists, commentator
Burt Sugar – ESPN Boxing Commentator/Writer
Frank Russo – Author “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”
Shane O’Rourke – North Am. President Setanta Premium Sports Network
Karra Porter – “Mad Seasons”
Len Berman – Longtime NBC TV sports announcer/commentator
Jeff McGregor – “Sunday Money”
Edward Bowen – Writer-Official
Mark Stewart – Sportswriter
Greg Conrad – Championship Director
Steve Mona – Chief Exec. Officer
Jeff Pearlman – Sports writer
Bonnie Henrickson – Womens basketball coach
Bob Kendricks – Negro League Baseball Museum
Tom Keegan – Sports Editor 
Paul Swangrad – Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
Ben Green – “Spinning The Globe”
Reggie Harris – Gen. Mgr. Kansas City Brigade
Ben Wright – Former CBS golf analyst/commentator
Bill Crawford – All American: Rise and Fall of Jim Thorpe
Gary Musselman – Ex. Director Kans. State High School Activities Assoc.
Eldon Ham – Professional sports attorney, writer
Tim Gay – baseball and basketball sportswriter
Terry Allen – new head football coach at Missouri State
Chuck Woodling – Award winning, longtime sportswriter
Shannon O’Toole – NFL player/coach’s wife
Bert Sugar – Sports/Boxing writer-commentator
Jay Hinrichs – Athletic Director
Wayne Terwilliger – Former baseball major and minor league manager
Mark Roming – President, Nokia Sugar Bowl
John Gillooly – Writer Providence Journal
Ted Hayes – Ex. Dir. Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
Kyle Keiderling – Shooting Starr: Bevo Francis
Anne Converse – Sailing/Racing Yacht photographer
Paul Denny – NBA Stat Crew
Jeff McGregor – NASCAR writer
Jim Lomasson – “Shadow Boxers”
Buddy Biancalana – Former KC Royal shortstop, coach
Matt Rogers – Wichita Wranglers AA Baseball
Craig Penzler – CpenzlerSports, Inc.
Ben Green – “The Rise, Fall & Return to Greatness of the Harlem Globetrotters”
Jason Whitlock – Kansas City Star sports columnist
Janet Guthrie – First female Indy 500 driver, pilot
Nicole Berti – A Face In The Crowd: My Life As An NFL Wife
Talmage Boston – attorney/sportswriter
Clarence “Big House” Gaines – Legendary College Basketball Coach
Curt Smith- Former presidential speech writer
Ed Hotaling – The Epic Journey of Jimmy Winkfield
Ron McHenry – Washburn Univ. womens head b-ball coach
Ritch Price – KU Head Baseball Coach
Jim Ziener – Kansas Angler magazine
Rick Muntean – GM. Kansas City T-Bones
Dr. James Chlovechok – Sports Medicine
Tim Wendel – Pro Baseball columnist-author
Kurt Caywood – Sports Columnist Topeka Capital-Journal
Ted Hayes – Kansas Sports Hall of Fame 
Andrea Jeager – Former professional tennis great
Ben Wright – Former CBS Network gold analyst/commentator
Taylor Streit – Fly-fishing professional & guide
Curtis Hemmeke – Athletic Director
John Christgau – Tricksters in the Madhouse
John Nogowski – sportswriter/author
Deb Patterson – KSU women’s basketball coach
Ken Kavanaugh, Jr – “The Humility of Greatness: The Adventures of a WW II hero and NFL Legend”
Joe Horrigan – Pro Football Hall of Fame
Bill Crawford – All American: The Rise & Fall of Jim Thorpe
Tom Huhn – “The Sizzler”
John Feinstein – well known sports author/columnist
Ed Hotaling – Former CBS/NBC “Wink: The Epic Jouney of Jimmy Winkfield”
Maury Youmans – Former NFL Chicago Bears/Dallas Cowboys
Bill Peters – golf caddie for Babe Ruth
Bonnie Henrickson – KU Women’s Basketball Coach
Clarence “Bighouse” Gaines – Winningest college hoops coach
Tim Weiser – KSU athletic Director
Joel Lumurno –Assistant General Manager
Jay Hinrichs – Athletic Director
Bob Kendrichs – Negro Baseball League Museum
Nicole Berti – “A Face In The Crowd”
David Browne – Entertainment Weekly/Sports Illustrated
Joe Karnes – Kansas City Chiefs Radio Network
Mark Mangino – Ku head football coach
Sam Lubeck – STATS, Inc.
Jim Schaus – Athletic Director
Josh Leventhal – “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”
Rick Redman – Louisville Slugger Company
Gary Musselman – Kansas State High School Activities Assoc.
Ron Watson – National Motorsports Hall of Fame/Museum
Brad Horn – National Baseball Hall of Fame/Museum
Taylor Streit – fly fishing champion
Kevin O’Connell – “The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip”
Dave Shields – competitive cyclist “The Race”
Lee Ann Schmidt – Kansas Department of Wildlife
Brian Jensen – Texas Tech play-by-play broadcaster
Dr. David Janda – Director-Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine
Tim Wendell – baseball writer
Andrea Jaeger – Former world tennis star
Marvin A. Cohen – Sportswriter/broadcaster
Kim Ritchie – Exec. Director Kansas Golf Association
Rick Muntean – Gen. Mgr. Kansas City T-Bones baseball
Philip Raisor – former HS/college b-ball player
Jack Nirenstein – Running/walking techniques instructor
Sam Dixon – former minor leaguer/manager
Lynette Woodard – KU Womens Basketball Coach
Mark Stenning – CEO Int’l Tennis Hall of Fame
Don Coble – NASCAR columnist
Bert Sugar – Famous Boxing and Sports Writer
Michael Seidel – author
Pete Fournier – Guide to College Nicknames & Mascots
Lisa Whitsett – author of Beneath the Armor of an Athlete
Bernie Kish – Ex. Director College Football Hall of Fame
Craig Pensler – National/International Sports venue architect
Jason Wolfe – sports editor/author
Howie Davis – Dir. Sports Media
Derek Gentile – Sports columnist/author
Kent Benson – former Indiana U/NBA star
Cecil Kingsley – Champion Angler and Outdoorsman
Marquis Sledge – radio football analyst/reporter
Mike Feeman – NY Times sportswriter
Joel Cox – website and magazine publisher
Bill James – Baseball Statistician/Historian
Ted Hayes
Jack Peter
Chad Luce – Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
Tim Wendel – Author of “The New Face of Baseball”
Steve Mona – Exec. Director Golf Course Superintendents
Jay Hinrichs – Wms. Educational Fund
Jackie Callen – boxing promoter & subject of soon to be released film
Joe Clark – “The History of Australian Baseball”
Steve Baker – Nat’l Assoc. of Intercollegiate Athletics
Dean Sullivan – Baseball author/historian
Brian McIntyre 
Tom Keegan – Baseball Columnist New York Post
Nick Bolitary – Amatuer and professional tennis coach/guru
Dana Altman
Bob Duenkel – Int’l Swimming Hall of Fame
Steve Schaad – Wichita Wranglers baseball
Bill Williams – Vice President of Public Relations of Louisville Slugger
Eddie Fogler – Vanderbilt head coach
Rick Barnes – Head basketball coach University of Texas
Rich Price – Head basketball coach University of Kansas
David W. Anderson – Baseball author
Adam Ehlert – Kansas City T-Bones
Bailey Howell – Former NBA
Brad Horn – National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Chris Kelsay – Nebraska Football player
Bill James – Baseball author/historian
Kent Benson – Former NBA
Mark Randall – Former KU basketball
Jim Elfers – Author “The Tour To End All Tours”
Cecil Kingsley – Kansas and nationally recognized fishing expert
Nancy Koran – Tennis Instructor/Author
Bernie Kish – Exec. Director College Football Hall of Fame
Paul Mokeski – Asst. Coach Dallas Mavericks
Tim Weiser – athletic director Kansas State University
“Red” Hay – Former Chicago Blackhawk great
Bruce Hornsby – musician/sports enthusiast
Lisa Liberty Becker – Sports columnist/Author
Al Bohl – Athletic Director
Dave & Dana Pump – Double Pump, Inc.
Keith Magnuson – Former Chicago Blackhawk
Bob Frederick – Former KU Ath. Director
Rex Walters – Former KU/NBA
Bob Hill – Fordham University B-ball coach
Ted Owens – Former KU B-ball coach
Scott Thomas – Columnist/Author
Bobette Puderbaugh – Kansas Women’s Golf Association
Kim Anderson – New head b-ball coach 
Jules Tygiel – Baseball author/historian
Nick Bolitary – Hall of Fame Tennis Coach/Guru
Milt Barness – Head Coach Harlem Globetrotters
Carol Dawson – Gen. Mgr. Houston Rockets
C.M. Newton – Former AD Univ. of Kentucky
Kim Ritchie – Exec. Director Kansas Golf Association
Billy Mills – Former Olympic Runner
Brian McIntyre – VP of Media Relations NBA
Johnathan Coachman – TV “play by play” WWE
Nolan Richardson – Former Ark. B-ball coach
Stan Tate – Kansas Speedway
Ron Thomas
Pete Newell – Hall of Fame basketball coach 
Steve Mona – Ex. Dir. Golf Course Superintendents 
Gary Mundhenke – Co-Chair USGA Womens Open
Elden Auker – Former major league pitcher
Tom Keegan – Sports Writer New York Post
Charlie Spoonhour – Head Basketball Coach UNLV
Jody Conrad – Women’s B-ball coach Univ. of Texas
Bob Gibbons – Basketball Recruiting Analyst
Rick Barnes – Univ. of Texas b-ball coach
Neil Dougherty – New head basketball coach TCU
David DeWitt – basketball columnist/author
Ted Hayes – Ex. Dir. Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
Jim Crews – Head B-ball coach University of Evansville
Sidney Goldstein – “Mr. Basketball Basics”
Bob Kendrick – Negro League Baseball Museum Hall of Fame
Jim Freeman – Ex. Director International Motor Sports Hall of Fame
Jennifer Lawler – Martial arts expert & author
Jim Huber – Sports Commentator TBS, TNT & author
Val Ackerman – President WNBA
Bill Bridges – NBA/KU great from late 50’s
Kelvin Sampson – Head basketball coach Univ. of Oklahoma
Cecil Kingsley – Professional Angler/Outdoorsman
Kim Anderson – Asst. Commissioner Basketball
“Smokin” Dave Cokin – Sports gaming/betting analyst
Bruce Hornsby – Musician/Sports enthusiast/New material
Bob Feller – Hallo of Fame pitcher
Jackie Kallen – “The First Lady of Boxing”
Bernie Kish – Ex. Director College Football Hall of Fame
Josh Leventhal – Author/Journalist 
Steve Baker – NAIA
Don Sanders Phd. – Going For the Green
Larry Connely – ESPN Basketball Analyst
Kim Richey – Ex. Director Kansas Golf Association
Al Bohl – Athletic Director Univ. of Kansas
JoJo White – b-ball hall of famer
Bob Hill – Head b-ball coach Fordham University
Corey Roberts – Stats, Inc.
Billy Mills – Olympic Runner
Jake Steinfeld – “Body By Jake”
Billy Kidd – Former Olympic skier
Dr. Neil Isaacs – “You Bet Your Life”
Terry Allen – KU Head Football Coach
Tim Weiser – Athletic Director of K-State
Dan Wheeler – “Best Seat In The House”
Bill James – Baseball author, historian, statistician
Eddie Fogler – Former b-ball coach S. Carolina
Charlie Jones – NBC Sportscaster
Kevin Pritchard – Head Coach Kansas City Knights
Scott Hastings & Dave Logan – Former NBA/NFL
Jeff Idelson – National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum
Terry Liskovich – Former US Womens Olympic Volleyball Coach
Caitlin Collins – Top ranked US girls-16 tennis player
Bill Werber – Yankees/Cinn. Reds
Ernestine Miller – “The Babe Book”
Rita Haywood – Women’s sports agent
Monte Carpenter – Sportswriter/author
Mike Embry – author “Adolph Rupp: Baron of the Bluegrass”
Bob Kendrick – Negro League Baseball Museum
John Coachman – WWF/XFL announcer
Larry Dennis – author “The Golf Ball Book”
Ted Hayes – Kansas Sports Hall of Fame
Pete Newell – Hall of Fame/Olympic gold medal b-ball coach
Ted Leland – Athletic Director
John Stearns – 3rd Base Coach New York Mets
Bill Byrne – Athl. Director Univ. of Nebraska
Charlie Jones – Former NBC sportscaster/author
Ralph Terry – Former Yankee great/Kansan
Reggie Minton – Nat’l Assoc. of Basketball Coaches
Terry Pettit – Univ. Nebraska/all world volleyball coach
Jodi Conrade – Women’s head b-ball coach Univ. of Texas
Pete McDaniel – Senior Writer/Author Golf Didgest Magazine
Fuzzy Kramer – Ex. VP. IMG
Nancy Lieberman-Klein – Women’s b-ball hall of famer
Val Ackerman – President WNBA
Kelvin Sampson – Head B-ball coach Univ. of Oklahoma
Roy Williams – KU head coach
Tubby Smith – Head b-ball coach University of Kentucky
Mark Turgeon – New head coach WSU b-ball
Pete Carill – Asst. B-ball Coach Sacramento Kings
Max Urick – Athletic Director KSU
Kevin Pritchard – New Head Coach KC Knights
Bob Frederick – Athletic Director Univ. of Kansas
Jerry Markbreit – Former NFL official
Jeff Boerger – Gen. Mgr. Kansas Speedway Corp.
Doug Miller – Gen. Mgr. Topeka Scarecrows Hockey
Paul Mokeski – New head coach Kansas City Knights
Vicky Hill – Ex. Dir. Kansas State Games
Jo Jo White – Boston Celtics/Basketball hall of fame
Ted Owens – Former KU head b-ball coach
Gary Musselman – Ex. Dir. Kan. State High School Activity Assoc.
Rick Barnes – Head b-ball coach Univ. of Texas
Carin Vanderbush – Former Olympic swimmer
Ray Bechard – Head womens volleyball coach Univ. of Kansas
Bob Davis – KC Royals TV/KU radio voice
Keith Zimmerman – “Classic Visions”
Kyle Richardson – Wichita Wranglers
Ralph Terry – Former NY Yankee/KC
Joan Cronin – Dir. Of Womens Athletics University of Tennessee
Eddie Fogler – B-ball coach University of South Carolina
Randy Vitaha – Former NFL player & players union rep
George Lemon – Owner/GM Topeka Knights
Bailey Howell – Basketball hall of famer
Cotton Nash – Former University of Kentucky B-ball and NBA
Dick Baker – Sports motion picture technical advisor in Hollywood
Les Robinson – Ath. Director N. Carolina State University
Pat Summit – Womens b-ball coach University of Tennessee
Tom Cheatham – Gen. Mgr. New Kansas City
Bill Hanslik – Former NBA player and head coach
Tom Asbury – head b-ball coach K-State
Roy Williams – Head B-ball coach Univ. of Kansas
David Falk – Superstar sports agent
Brian Black – Int’l Hockey Hall of Fame
Bob Hill – Former coach Knicks, Spurs & Pacers
“Handsome” Harley Race – Former world champion pro wrestler
Art Heyman – Former Duke/NBA
David Hofstede – author “Slammin’: Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Heroes”
Ron Watson – Pres. Motorsports Hall of Fame
Mike Bossy – Former NY Islander/NHL Hall of Famer
Mark Stenning – Int’l Tennis Hall of Fame
Dan Hodge – undefeated collegiate wrestling great
Tom Osborne – Former Nebraska f-ball coach
Tim Isaac – World Champion Weight Lifter
Billy Mills – Olympic gold medalist
Ed Brophy – Ex. Dir. Int’l Boxing Hall of Fame