Tom Keegan  Columnist, Boston Herald newspaper

Reese Erlich  Free Lance journalist   Iran/Middle East issues

Shannon Oury  Executive Director Law-DoCo Housing Authority

Lydia Denworth  Science journalist  Friendship: Evolution & Biology

Nita Wiggins  Sports Reporter   Race issues in sports/news media

Emma Eisenberg  Third Rainbow Girl   murder in W. Va

Marlo Angell  Free State Festival  Director of Digital Media  Law. Arts Center

Dylan Lehman-Thomas   Sealand   Amusing history of British micro-nation

Michael Konik   Unexpected Guest   lessons learned from the homeless

Neal Bascomb   "Faster"  Building a race car to beat Hitler  true story

Jon Wilkman   History of documentary film making in America

John Barbour  Originator of TV's first reality show, "Real People"

Tim Bakken  The Cost of Loyalty   Honesty issue inside US military academies