Guests 2018


Russell Shorto - Revolution Song

Julie Dunlap - Mother Freaking Hood

Jake Bernstein - Secrecy World

Lea Berman/ Jeremy Bernard - Civility 

Nick Wing - Huff Post Marijuana 

Caroline Fraser - Laura Engels Wilder 

Mary Ziegler - Roe Vs. Wade 

Marion Ross - "Happy Days" Actress 

Tom Keegan - LJW

Kevin Toolis - My Fathers Wake

Peter Marchall - Hollywood Squares

Joel Joseph - US Supreme Court

Joyce Bulifant - Actress

Leslie Cavendish - Beatles Hairdresser 

Judy Norton - Actress/ producer

Leslie Cavendish- Beatles Hairdresser

Hallie Baseman and Suzy Hopkins

Casper Cravens - Where the Magic Happens 

Steve Physioc - Royals announcer

Kelley Hunt - Beautiful Bones Music 

Phil Proctor - Actor and Voice Actor

Seth Hettena - Trump/ Russia

Jack Davis - The Gulf 

John Ferlling - Apostles of Revolution

Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg - Infidelity 

Eddie Trunk - Trunk Fest

Mary Pilon - Kevin Show 

Dr. Daniel Baxter - HIV/ Botswana 

Dr. Randi Epstein - "Aroused"

Maggie West - Thyroid Disease

Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick - Multicultural Community Center

Edward Lengel - WWI's "Lost Battalion"

Claire Bidwell Smith - Anxiety and Grief

Michael Hebb - Talking about Death

Jesse Jarnow - Post WWII Folk-Pop Band

Tom Bierdz - Daytime TV Actor

Eileen Rivers - Woman Fighting in Afghanistan 

Ken Krimstein - 20th Century life in Berlin

Eric Mittenthal - Sausage and Hot Dogs

Justin Martin - Turning point Battle of Civil War

Harlow Giles Unger - Civilian Medic of Revolutionary War

Brian Murphy - Icy Tragedy on the Atlantic

Peter Ward - Epigenetics and Evolution

William Eggington - Inequality in College

Bonnie Rough - Sex, Love and Equality

Colby Wilson - Boys and Girls Club

Ted Owens - KU Basketball Coach

Dan Pfeiffer - Obama Adviser 

Brian Keating - Nobel Peace Prize

Barbara Van Orden - LA Stage Star

Robert Gordan - Blues, Rock and Soul in Memphis