Guests 2015

Pat DeCaesar- Rock and Roll

Larry McElwain- Lawrence Chamber

Peter Cohan- Venture Capitalist

Stephen Bown- "White Eskimo"

Gerald Koepple- "City on a Grid"

Dawn Lerman- "My Fat Dad"

John Garofolo- Iraq War Veteran, former professor at U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Nicola Mar- "Santa"

Simon Read- Young Churchill

Amelia Saltsman- Jewish Cookbook

Aspen Matis- Girl in the Woods

Harlow Unger- Henry Clay

Eric Mittenthal- Sausage Month

Laura Pursell- Country Singer

Carol Gunn- Medical Errors

Tamara O'Neal- Domestic Violence

Cristin O'Keefe- Dr. Mutter's Marvels

Katie Workman- America Cooks

Ron Felber- Aliens

Steve Boggan- Gold Fever

Dr. Peter Ward- Earthquakes

Tom Keegan- Lawrence Journal World

Barbara Selwig- Healthy Cooking

Barry Yourgrau-"Mess"

Irwin Gellman- Eisenhower/ Nixon

Dani Felt- D.I.Y Artists

Dr. Anne Speckhard- Terrorism

Dr. Pol- Incredible Dr. Pol

Sylvia Resnick- Hollywood Heartthrobs

Celia Theyes- Talent for Humanity

Eric Mittenthal- National Hot Dog Month

Bob Hurst- "The Listeners"

Matthew Drayton- Succeeding While Black

Karin Lazarus- "Sweet Mary Jane"

Chris Kelly- U.S. Military History

Glenn Carle- CIA

General Ann Dunwoody-Author "A Higher Standard"

Abdool Laltraprasad- Sprout Film Festival

Sally Kelsey- Workman's Comp.

Dr. Peter Ward- Earthquakes

Jennifer Hammond-National Real Estate

Denise Winston- Financial Advisor "It's Your Money"

Julian Zelizer-The Great Society

John Wukovits-USS Laffey

Lissa Poirot-Vacation Guide

Lissa Warren-Cat Poetry Book

Peg Steep-Quitting

Mary Norris-New Yorker Editor

Jeanne Beard-Autism

Harriet Brown-Body Of Truth

Thomas Flemins-Washington/Jefferson The Great Divide

Albert Podell-Around the World in 50 years

Spencer Overton-Race Relations

JoAnne Renfro-Appalacian Trail

Jamie Joyce-Moonshine

Joel Peterson-Dreaming of May Mothers

Susan Elliot-Dating Post Break-up

Beth Pine-Fedx

Amy Newmark-Chicken Soup for the Soul

Stephanie Erickson-Alzheimers

Dane Clark-Mellencamp Drummer

Glenn Carle-CIA Intelligence/Terrorism

Shine Adams-Sun Cedar

Mary Pittman-Missing Money Lady

Brandy Barnes-Diabetes/Woman

WM. C. Davis-Lee and Grant

Dr. Rani Whitfield-Hip Hop Doc

David Strange-Immigration

Dr. Robert Coats-Climate Change

Rod Pyle-NASA