Guests 2014

Dawn Wells-What Would Mary-Ann Do?

JoAnn Martens-Prison Career

Nick Yarris-FBI's Most Wanted

Tom Keegan-Lawrence Journal World Sports Writer

Michele Payn-Knoper-No More Food Fights

Theo Bikel-In The Shoes of Sholom Aleichem

Michele Herling-Compassionate Touch Network/Minds Interrupted

Sylvia Peterson-Domestic Violence

Stephanie Shannon-U.S. Army Reserves and Battling the Storm Within

Paul Cardall-Congenital Heart Disease

Dr. Villegas and Mary Todd-Hard Drive

Harlow Giles Unger-Author

Monique Demery-Finding the Dragon Lady

Sheri Sobrato Brisson-Digging Deep, Childhood Illnesses

Dr. Mardia Stone--Ebola Virus

Justin Martin-Author

Guy Gilchrist-Cartoonist

Felix Mercado-Fashion

Andrea Hudy-KU Strength Coach

Greg James-Marijuana Ventures Magazine

Deborah Halber-Skeleton Crew

Mel Goodman-National Security

Kate Morrand-Naval History

Natasha Devine-The Industry

Elliott Tiber-Taking Woodstock

Beverly Delich-Michael Buble's Manager

Susan Mizruchi-Marlon Brando Biography

Brian Bruns-Rumble Yell: Discovering America's Biggest Bike Ride

Lindsay Clendaniel-Scoop Adventures

Barbara Harris-UFO Conference in the Desert

Jamie Joyce-Moonshine

Dr. William Miller-The Human Genome


Joel Joseph-Supreme Court

Terri Bennett-Green Living

Marlo Angell and Ben Ahlvers-Lawrence Arts Center and Free State Festival

Gretchen Marthens-Veterans

Bill Denehey-Baseball

Tyler Wood-Cyber Security

Andy Brown-Headquarters

Diane Carey-Star-Spangled Banner

Carolyn Scherer-State and Union

Alfie Kohn-Parenting

Stephanie Henry-Abusive Relationships

Dr. Luiz-Mental Health Month

Gregg Jones-Khe Sanh Vietnam

Dr. Thalma Lobel-Physical Intelligence

Bill Medley-Righteous Brothers
Martin Goldsmith-Alex's Wake
Wes Mass-Retirement
Mary Pittman-Missing Money Lady
JD Power-Repeat 
Robert Rangel-Repeat
Eric Mittenthal-Hot Dog Council

Doug Whynott-Maple Syrup

Tony Cointreau-Mother Teresa & Me

Mike Manger-Military Pollution

Prof. John Quigley-Ukraine expert

Molly Chester-Back at Bolton

Dr. Gary Epler-Level of energy

Eddie Shapiro-Broadway

Brian Tuohy-Larceny games

Terri Fedonczak-Parenting

Kevin Wilmott "Jayhawkers"

Kelly Hunt Biography

Brian Tuohy Larceny Games

Joeph Wheelan Terrible Swift Sword

Denise Winston Take Control of Financial Life

Hillary White Coat and Sneakers

Dee Wallace Debute on NBC's GRIMM

Chef Luigi The Al Tiramisu Restuarant Cookbook

Matthew Hart Gold

Dr. Susan Jones

Nina Blackwood Career

Harlow Unger "Mr. President"

Erin Murphy Career

Winthrop Smith Catching Lightning in a Bottle

Dawn Wells Gilligans Island

Robert Rangel World's Wealthiest Families

JD Power Power and Associates

Bobbie Brown Rock World