Guests 2013

Bruce Wagman Hose Issues

Timothy English Popology: Music in the lives of four icons

Carol Margolis Smart travel guide

Tim Brady Death in San Pietro WWII

Maria Brinson-Sampson Marriage Counselor

Patrick Robinson Honor & Betrayal Navy SEALS

Evan Katz Therapist Holiday Stress

Mark Spivak Iconic Spirits

Tom North "Yours, Mine & Ours" truth behind the movie

Paul Nourigat Wealth Strategist

Ann Dowsett Johnston Women/Alcohol

Peter S. Cohan Venture Capitalist

Babette Hagerty Dog Trainer

JT Lundy Political author/satirist

Willie Wilson Former KC Royals baseball player

Jesse Walker Paranoia!

Stanley Weintraub Young FDR

Marilee Roach Witches of Salem

Molly Raskin-Knight No Better Time 9/11

Stephen Pimpare Poverty in America

Darlene Arden- Pet Expert

Denise Winston Communicate with Your Pet

David Wolman Author "The End of Money"

Don Hussey Author "Ticket to Ride"

Chris Simmons Threat of Terrorist Attacks Overseas

Dara Feldman

Sally Zorgy Downtown Lawrence

Clay Biles Author "The United States Federal Air Marshal Service"

Claire Connor John Birch Society

Mary Lamontagne Organic Leftovers

Brooke Alpert Sugar Detox

Brenda Dickson Actress

Travis Perry Kansas

Len Lamensdorf George Washington

Steve Miller Detroit Rock City

Heather Schuck Working Moms

Patty Marks Ellora's Cave

Yelena Popovic LA Superheroes

Oksana Flanagan Irish Castle Weddings

Steve Boggan - "Follow the Money"

Steven Harding - "The Last Battle"

John Blumenthal - Writer and Author

Thomas Fleming - Historian of Civil War

J. Walker Smith - Boomer Retirement Cities

Dara Feldman - Virtues Project

Jason Vanclef - Wealth Code

Grace Drake - Film critic

Karen Simpson-Hankins - Surviving Credit Crisis

James Cusamano - Business - Life Connection

Dave Thompson - Author, "Over Coffee"

Ejaz Naqvi - "The Quran: With or Against the Bible"

Alexis Madrigal - Senior Editor at The Atlantic

Brookes Firestone - "Evensong," Retirement: The Golden Years

Denise Winston - Personal Finances

Deb Bisel - Kansas Hall of Fame

Dr. Cletus R Bulach - High Performing Schools

Michelle Dudash - "Clean Eating for Busy Families"

Kevin Murphy - "Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer"

Nasir Shansab - Afghanistan novel

Jayne Jones - Insider View of Capitol Hill

James Cunningham - Street Eats

Geri Jewell - The Facts of Life

Eric Mittenthal - National Hot Dog Council

Martha Zoller - National Political Expert and Author

Jayne Jones - Insider View of Capitol Hill

Christina Phelps - Executive Director of Lawrence Convention&Visitor Bureau

Diane Keefe - Caring for Parents Together

Bruce Feiler - "The Secret of Happy Families"

Kim Shannon - "Good Girls Anonymous"

Winonah Hauter - Foodopoly

Professor William Beeman - Iran vs. USA

Felix Mercado - Fashion Designer, Lifestyle Expert

Raymond J. Barry - "Justified" series on FX

Dr. Johnny Bowden - Cholesterol Myth

Carl Reiner - Actor/Comedian

Dr. Vik - Empowering Companies

Milt Larsen - The Magic Castle

Dr. Deb - "The Healing Is Mutual"

Father Emmet Coyne - Genesis of The Theology of Fear

Cathy Lewis - Downtown Lawrence

Judita Wignall - "Raw & Simple"

Andrew Campanella - National School Choice Week

Jennifer Bucko Lamplough - Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking

Michael Lohan - Actor, Father of Lindsay Lohan

Morgan Fox - Marijuana Policy Project

David Maislish - Royal Assasination

Gail McMeekin - The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

Patricia Aburdene - Conscious Money Megatrends For 2013

Dr. Frank Farley - Guns and School Violence

Dr. Julie Wei - "Milk and Cookie Disease"

Peter Cohan - Peter S. Cohan + Associates

Dr. Dennis Tirch - American Institute for Cognitive Therapy