Guests 2007 - 2012

Robert Hamlett - Former FBI Agent on Fraud,Politics and More

Rod Pyle - Destination Mars

Dr. Carol M. Swain - Politics and Race

Christian Phelps - Law. Conv./Visitors Bureau

Ace Abbott - Pilot Safety

Stranley Weintraub - Pearl Harbor historian

Lowell Hawthorne - The Bakers Son

Bill rigler - Director of Climate Reality Project

Tanya McNab - Belizean Cookbook

Sy Paulson - Electronic gifts expert

Dan Stratford - Mens Code of Honor

Andy Rothman - College Admissions
Michael Oswald - National Parks

Barbara Magro - "Recipes to Remember"

Ted Hayes - Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

Dr. Diane Sheets - Political Commentator -

LaTim Kurek - "Cross in the Closet"

Cathy Hamilton - Downtown Lawrence Association

Larry Tagg - "The Battles that Made Abraham Lincoln"

David Quammen - Science Writer / "Spillover"

Anita Finlay - Actress and Politcal Writer

David Conn - Jim Jones Cult

Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Home Builders Association

Sonja Faulkner - Author - "The Best Friend's Guide to Breast Cancer"

David Nadelberg - Host/Creator "The Mortified Sessions"

Niels Nielsen - Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought

Stephen Mateo - Author - "Journey"Callom B. Jones, V - Trend Capital ManagementSteven Stingley - "Under the Night Sky: A Father's Story of Love & Loss"Vickie Bogner & Raphael Sbarge - Green Wish LawrenceLeslie Odom, Jr. - Actor - "Smash" and "Broadway or Bust"Julie Shiftman - Re-Invention Expert / "Act Three"Dr. Frederick James - "$pend, Don't Save"Kristina Wandzilak - Author/TV Host/Addiction ExpertRev. Cheryl Kincaid - "Hearing the Gospel through Charles Dickens"Tom Keegan - LJWorld Sports EditorGrae Drake - Fall Movie Report CardFrank Wuco - Intelligence ExpertDeb Bowen - Life of a NudistCurt Smith - "Mercy! A Celebration of Fenway Park's Centennial"Buck Adams - Veterans to FarmersChristy Obie Barrett - Adoption Myth-Buster - "A Family for Every Child"

Sarah Carey - Editor-in-Chief of Everyday Food Magazine

Tom Mach - Women’s Suffrage in Kansas

David Misch - The History of Comedy

David LaMotte - KKK Issues

Melissa Rodriquez - Living with Hearing Loss

Steve Kemble - Outdoor Barbques & Summer Entertaining

Dr. Stephen Apaliski - Asthma Issues

Greg Williams - Lawrence Chamber of Commerce

Winfield Keller - Flying Cars Association

William McGee - Airline industry Issues

Colleen Rowley - Obama's Secret "Kill List"

Pete Trabucco - Travel Expert

Linda Bauer - “Capitol Hill Cooks”

Justin Kelly - Professional Actor and Model - "Magic City"

Thyler Newcome - JFK Assasination

Frank Cipolla - Radio/TV Personality

Art Keller - CIA - War with Iran

Sara Erhlich -

Alison Arngrim - Little House on the Prairie

Arthur Hayhoe - Florida Gun Laws

Robert Mazur - "The Infiltrator"

Patty Farmer - “The Persian Room”

Matt Frank - Pot Farm

Scott Raab - "The Whore of Akron"

Stanley Livingston - My Three Sons

Percy Smith - LAX Celebrities

Amy Smart & Carter Oosterhouse - Eco-Living

Linda Henderson - American Heart Association

Steven Apflebaum - “Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land”

Nancy Shenker - "Don't Hook Up"

Homer Hickam - “October Sky”

Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Home Builders Association

Catherine Cassidy - Editor-in-chief of Taste of Home

Benjamin Busch - US Marine Corps Infantry Officer - “Dust to Dust”

Louise Krug - Stroke Victim - "Louise: Amended"

Mary Pittman - "The Little Book of Missing Money"

Will Tucker - Musician/Guitarist - "Stealin' the Soul"

Erin Botsford - "The Big Retirement Rick"

Michael Rejebian - “We're With Nobody: Two Insiders Reveal the Dark Side of American Politics”

Craig T. Williams - “The Olympian: An American Triumph”

M. William Phelps - Crime Author and TV Host - "Dark Minds"

Paul Noto - “At the Crossroads of Justice: My Lai and Son Thang”

Kim Ima - “The Treats Truck Baking Book”

Dr. Jeff Schweitzer - “Calorie Wars: Fat, Fact and Fiction"

Irene McDermott - "The Internet Book of Life"

Mary Gage - Columnist - "Lawrence Magazine"

Laura Schroff - “An Invisible Thread”
Steve Repak - “Dollars and Uncommon Sense”
Jon Yates - Chicago Tribune “Problem Solver” Consumer Advocate
Dr. Christopher Calapai - Healthy Living and New TV Show on CBS
Randy Towner - Golf Pro/GM Firekeeper Golf Course
John Feffer - US-Korean Foreign Relations 
Jackson Galaxy - “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet 
Mary Corbett - National Guard 101: A Handbook for Spouses
LinDee Rochelle - Blast from your Past: Rock and Roll DJ’s 1954-1979
Helen Wang - Emerging Chinese Middle Class Expert
Dori Villalon - Lawrence Humane Society Executive Director
Shaid Buttar - Executive Director Bill of Right Defense Committee
Ernest Cobb - Hitting More Jackpots - The Slot Guru
Michael Learned - Actress: “Olivia Walton”, “Nurse” and Others
Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld - Terrorism and Its Funding
Peter Cohan - American Economic Outlook
Kathryn Raaker - National TV Host and Wellness Expert
Jake Ray - Producer NYC Morning Radio Show: “Living w/ Cystic Fibrosis”
Lori Ames - President, The PR Freelancer, Inc
Pat Huddleston - Author: THE VIGILANT INVESTOR 
Tippi Hedren - Actress/Activist
Heather Cabot - Yahoo 
Barry Livingston - “My Three Sons” 
Wil Willis - Former Special Ops Operative/Military Channel Star
Lauren Book - “It’s OK To Tell”
Kevin Baker - Historian - America: The Story of Us 
George Chakiris - Actor/Performer - “West Side Story” 
Candice DeLong - FBI Profiler/Author/TV Host
Grae Drake - Holiday Movie Report Card
Laurie Scott - Blue Santa & Cathy Brushler - Big Bros. Big Sis 
Steve Zaleznick - Former AARP Services CEO and Medicare Expert 
Dr. Jeff Herten - Teen Alcoholism
Tim O’Brien - Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 
Jane McCormick - Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl
Adam Silva - Wounded Warrior Project 
Katherine Kallinis and Sophie LaMontagne - “DC Cupcakes” 
Domenic Sgambellone - The American People’s Party 
Marjory Wildcraft - Expert in Organic Backyard Food Production
Dennis Marcellino - Musician/Author - Drugs, Rock’n Roll & Recovery
John M. Phillips - Attorney/Media Consultant - Sports Injuries
Matt Bruce - Iran’s Act of War
Dr. Janet Taylor - Discovery TV's "Facing Trauma”
Dianne Dorman - Former Playboy Model/Author
Jesse Cohen - Best American Science Writing Series Editor
Harvey Araton - "Old Knicks”
Megan McKinney - Author: “The Magnificent Medills“
Doris Gallan - The Boomer Travel Coach

Matthew Dunn - SPYCATCHER 
Dale Peterson - PSA Screening
Tom Ryan - Author/Newspaper Editor & Founder
Christopher Phillips - Author - Constitution Café 
Lisa Matassa - Country Music Star
Brian Clegg - Airline Industry Expert
Jean Ross - Co-President of National Nurses United
Pamela Oakes - Car Care for the Clueless
Cathy Hamilton - Downtown Lawrence
John M. Phillips - Attorney/Media Consultant - Amanda Knox Trial, Etc.
Felix Mercado - International Fashion Consultant for TV, Movies, Etc
Tom Keegan - LJWorld Sports Editor
Curt Smith - Nine Decades of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth
Ellen Fitzpatrick - Letters to Jackie
Prof. Lynn Randall - Harvard Physics Professor/Author
Chris Markowski - Nat’l Radio Host/Commentator
Fred Claridge - Social Security, Aging Issues & Economy
Melanie Cole - Exercise Physiologist; Childhood Obesity
Bobbie Flory - Lawrence Homebuilders Association
Carol Swain - Reclaiming America
John Greenburg - Sports Historian/Columnist - Pro Football
Lucette Lagnado - Wall St. Journal Reporter and Author
Kent Greenfield - The Myth of Choice
Ben "Flaps" Berry - “Tuskegee Airmen - To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.”
Deirdre Marie Capone - “Uncle Al Capone: The Untold Story from Inside His Family”
Winston Bennett - "Fight for Your Life"
Ana Maria Allessi - RISE OF FREEDOM: The New World Trade Center 
Maureen Santora - 9/11 Advocate & Mother of Youngest Firefighter to Die that Day
Shannon Rose - Hollywood Reporter, Publicist, & Entertainment Host 
Dr. Glen House, MD Practicing Physician & C7 Quadriplegic
Stuart Vener - National Real Estate and Mortgage Expert 
Dr. Laurie Hess - Exotic Pet Veterinarian 
Malcolm Out Loud - Social Unrest, Social Injustice and Social Media
Jenny Ross - "Raw Basics"
Dr. Allen W. Smith - Looting of Social Security
Baron Wolman—Rolling Stone’s First Chief Photographer
Paul Antinori - Constitutional Amendment Proposal
Jason Dowd - School Arts Budget Cuts
Allison Fisher - Climate Change Debate & Public Citizen 
Tom Ferguson - “National Debt Crisis”
Pete Trabucco - “America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks”
Stephanie Abrams - Nationally syndicated travel consultant
Robert Mazur - Undercover Agent: Pablo Escobar Drug Cartel 
Shawn Edgington - The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook & Social Media 
Hon. Nancy Harvey Steorts - Product Safety
Scott Klinger - FACT Coalition
Susan Newman, Ph.D - The Case for the Only Child
Dr. Claudia Miller - Chemical/Environmental Hazards 
Dr. Luke Curtis - Elder Nutrition
“Dr. Pete” Anderson - Swim Coach
Tom DeWeese - American Policy Center
Lisa Horn - DoCo Health Dept 
Kevin Zeese - Voters for Peace 
Veronica Grey - Swim Without Sharks 
Timothy Carroll - Don’t Ever Give Up On Love 
Mark Lee Gardner - Billy the Kid 
Beth Johnson - Economic Development Law. Chamber of Commerce
Michael Belfiore - "Rocketeers" - Last Space Shuttle Mission 
Dr. Tim Harlan - “Tell Me What To Eat”
Cathy Hamilton - Boomer Girl/Downtown Lawrence, Inc
Grae Drake - Summer Movie Report Card
Sharon Spratt - Cottonwood 
Sondra Wright - 40+ and Fabulous
Janet Campbell - Audio-Reader
Lynne Green - VanGo Mobile Arts
Aaron LaPedis - The Garage Sale Millionaire
Paul Lockhart - The Whites of Their Eyes: Bunker Hill
Diane Pomerance - Summer Safety for Pets
Chris Dubbs - Realizing Tomorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight
Dr. Thomas Marcellino & Ted Haggart - LMH Endowment Association
Ginny Clarke - Career Mapping
Harold J. Krent - Pardon Me, Mr. President 
Kelly Hayes-Raitt - Low and No Cost Vacation Ideas
Dr. Cynthia Haines - Money Saving Health Tips 
Dale Peterson, M.D. - Cell Phones & Cancer 
Ivan Eland - Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace and Liberty 
Anne D. - Drug-Addicted Pharmacist
Toby Nunn - Take a Moment to Remember
Edward Humes - Forces of Nature
John DePasquale - Special Agent 
David George Surdam - Baseball & The Great Depression
T.L. Keller - Aerospace Engineer 
Drs. Charles & Eilzabeth Schmitz - Celebrity Infidelity
Randy Rudder - Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music
Max Richtman - The Truth About Social Security
Dr. Daniel Hardt - Numerologist
Doris Gallan - Travel Coach
Jeff Benedict - “Poisoned, E Coli”
Tom Lewis - “Brace for Impact”
Geradine Simkins - Midwives Alliance 
Julia Espey - "If I were your daddy"
Bob Gibbs - Miles for Hope 
Sally Kellerman - Actress
Zachary Jack - Pebble Beach Author
Nicole Simpson - 9/11 Suvivor
Dr. Veronica Anderson - "Dr. Veronica" Health and Lifestyle
Show #164 - Matthew Cossolotto - “Make A Promise Day” 
Claude Vargo - Veterans Issues and Advocacy
Tom Keegan - Sports Editor Lawrence Journal World
Tom Kern - Ex. Director Lawrence Chamber of Commerce
Sherrie Daly - Former wife of PGA Tour Pro John Daly
Gaelyn Whitley Keith - The Father of Hollywood
Leslie Carroll - Royal Weddings
Shirley Martin-Smith - Adecco - Employment issues
Tyler Bryant - Rock Guitarist - Tyler Bryant Band
Bobbie Flory/Neal Ezell - Lawrence Parade of Homes
Christine Eisner - Comfort Living
Steve Doocey - Fox & Friends Host
Joe Balzer - "Flying Drunk"
James Fitzgerald - The Joys of Smoking
Ed Jaffee - Former Washington Lobbyist
Phillip Connor - Forest Fire Lookout - New Mexico
Chuck Leavall - Keyboardist - Rolling Stones, Allman Bros.
Lee Majors - Actor
Mary Gage - Kansas Magazine
Dr. Michael Applebaum - The Fitness Doc
Catherine Cassidy - Taste of Home - Comfort Foods
Peter Cohan - Economic and Financial 
Wayne Rogers - Actor & Financier
Gene Meyer - CEO, Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Mary Pittman - Unclaimed Property
Christy Jenkins - Sign Language
Lisa Reinhardt - The "Wei" of Chocolate
Helen Wang - China & Current Issues
Gail Rubin - The Good Good Bye - Funeral Planning
Katie Lee - Celebrity Chef - Food/Cooking
Steve Bates - Seeds of Spring - Gardening 
Brad Barnes - College First Aid
Mark Winne - Food/Industrial Agriculture
Mary Gage - Writing/Kansas Magazine
Jessie Price - Food
Frank Kneeland/Bob Dancer - Video Poker
Michael Colavito - Photography
Diane Werner - Taste of Home
Roni Deutch - Taxes
Ann Gittleman - Zapped Electronic Pollution
Gail Rubin - Good Good Bye Funerals
Steve Hendricks - Counterterrorism
Thomas Allen - American Civil War
John Horne - Real Estate Investing
Tracy Dismukes - Consignment / Consignment Shops
Rick Nahmias - Diversity
Drew Maras - UFOs
David Renza - Military Educational Benefits
Tom Blake - Syndicated Columnist: Travel Ideas
Carl Wiser -
Barbara Miller - Quitting Smoking
Kelli of Red Door Design - Wedding Planning
Wendy Lipton-Dibner - Professional Impact, Inc
Richard Miller - "Fighting Words"
Amelie Hurst -
Justin Halpern - Sh*t My Dad Says
Megan Anderson - Coaching Your Destiny
Jim Houtz - Saving America
Bill Madden - Steinbrenner, Last Lion of Baseball
Matt Pellegrini - Cowboy: The Ultimate Guide
Debbie Lilliard - Eco-Organizing for Life
Steve Shaw - Automotive Industry Consultant "Cheating the Dealer"
Tom Super - National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
Sarah Buxton - Country Singer / Songwriter
Roberta Matuson - Human Resouses / Corporate Advisor
Edward Achorn - "59 In '84" the Story of Hoss Radbourn

Holly Rowe - ESPN Basketball & Football Reporter
Sharon Sakson - Paws & Effects
Gary Moore - WWII, Baseball, & Journey Home
Nicka Papaditch - Cigar Marine
Mary Jo Buttafuoco - "Through My Thick Skull"
Chris O'Dell - Life with The Beatles, Stones and more
Thomas Fleming - Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
Linda Ferrari - Consumer Financial Issues
Mollie Gross - Confessions of a Military Wife

Denise Winston - Finance/Credit Expert
Joe Balzer - Northwest Airlines Pilot "Flying Drunk"
Clay Travis - Sportscaster/Columnist "Clay Nation"
Cindy Scott - Zen Chien Dog Training
Brian Boeheim - The Franklin Party
Lydia Reich - Holocast Survivor
Dr. Elizabeth Lomardo - Battling Depression and Stress
Kathy Balland - Life Coach & Weight Loss
Harry Katz - Baseball Americana
Jane Miller Chair - The Tiger and the Hare
Dr. Barbara Perry - The Ted Kennedy Legacy
Marie Dubuque - "How To Get Free Things!"
Robert Piccioni PhD. - Physicist/ Speaker
Clarissa Wills PhD. - Autism Specialist
Thom Bierdz - Actor - "Young & Restless" - Author
Peter Lance - Investigative Journalist
Sister Pat Phillips 
Debbie Friday - Friday Motors; General Motors local dealership view
Stacy Perman - Inn N' Out Burger
Richard Tyson - Actor
Dr. Sharon Moalem - Research Scientist
David Fralick - Actor - Young & Restless, Miami Vice, ect.
Rick Sells - Fitness Guru
Lee Majors - Actor
Peter S. Cohan - Venture Capitalist/Consultant
Tonya S. Holly - Producer/Director/Writer - "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde"
DC Fuller - "Meth Monster"
Suzie Gilber - Bird Rehabilitation 
Sheryl Kayne - "Immersion Travel"
Barbara Dana - Actress/Author/Playwrite
Sally Kellerman - Actress/Singer
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky - "Trauma Stewardship"
Rib Hills - Host: Extreme Makeover & Star of new movie "Taos"
Catherine Clinton - "Mary Lincoln: A Life"
Annette Martin - Psychic/Detective
Staff Sgt. Eric Maddox - "Mission: Blacklist #1"
Thomas Dyja - "Walter White"
Steve Doocy - Host; "Fox & Friends" - Fox News Network
Phillip Norman - Author, "John Lennon; The Life"
Linda Ferrari - Consumer Credit Expert "The Big Score"
Felix Mercado - Fashion Stylist
Rob Frankel - Politics and Branding
Aurea McGarry - "I Won't Survive, I'll Thrive" - Domestic Violence/etc.
Lisa Wysocky - Horse Country; Country Music Stars and Their Horses
Peggy Sholly - Down Home Delicious Cooking
Randy Poe - Record Producer/Journalist - The Duane Allman Story
Peter S. Cohan - Venture Capitalist - Columnist/Commentator
James K. Galbraith - American Economist
Nicole Witt - The Adoption Consultancy
Bill Cloyd - Your Credit Standing and How to Improve It
Tom Benjey - Carlisle Indian School
Bruce Fleet - "Demystifying Wall Street" 
T.J. English - Author, Columnist and Historian - "Havana Nocturne" The Mob and Cuba
Kelley Hunt - Singer, Songwriter, Musican and Kansan
Deb McVey - Olympic Weight Lifting Official and Referee
Joe Gannascoli - Actor, Author & Chef - "Vito" on Sopranos
Janet Riley - President of National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
Chris Lemmon - "A Twist of Lemmon"
Eric Stromer - HGTV Host of "Over Your Head"
Susan Overfield - Nationally Recognized Dog Trainer/Adocate
Jon Provost - Child Actor - Timmy/Lassie
Dr. Susan Kuczmarski - Psychologist and Educator - "When Kids Come Home From College"
Aaron Cohen - Brotherhood of Warriors - Beverly Hills Kid Trains & Serves in Israeli Defense Force
Yolanda Levy - Childhood Obesity in America
Joel Joseph - US Supreme Court Scholar and Author
Norman Macht - Baseball Historian Connie Mack The Early History of The Game
Isabelle Duguay - Gambling Addiction - Bensinger Dupont & Associates
Caryl Murphy - Hollywood Correspondent - Radio, TV, Print
Cathy Wilkerson - Former Weather Underground & Students for a Democratic Society
Kim Kavin - - Private Yacht Vacation Adventures
Richard M. Cohen - Emmy Award Winning Journalist
Robin Gerber - Political Commentator & Lobbyist - Elanor Vs. Ike
Bill Royce - Hollywood Writer "Cary Grant The Wizard of Beverly Grove"
Dr. Jo Anne White - Secrets To Lasting Relationships
Bob Goodrich - ABC Sports Producer; Monday Night Football, Super Bowl, Indy 500
Dr. Bob Arnot - CBS/NBC TV Health Advior-Reporter
Neville Martin - "Guitar Heaven" Famous Guitars to Electrify Our World
Mark Mathis - Producer "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed."
Frances Moore Lappe - "Getting a Grip" Columnist/author/activist
James Fitzgerald - The Joys of Smoking Cigarettes
Lucette Lagnado - Wall Street Journal Reporter/Author
Liz Scott - "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation"
Chris Epting - Locations of American Pop Culture Artifacts
Lew Perkins - KU Athletic Director
Cathy Hamilton - Managing Editor
Stanley Livingston - Former child movie/tv actor and Hollywood producer